Everything changes.
You can, too.

overview of services

Anxiety and Depression

Whether longstanding or situational, depression and anxiety can steal your hope and your joy. I can help you find them again.

Career & Life Transitions

Graduation, marriage, parenthood, divorce, loss of employment, illness: Life is full of transitions. Learn how to face change without fear.


Even healthy relationships have conflict. Learn how to work with your partner to leave negative cycles of argument behind, and build a strong foundation for love.

What to expect

I offer counselling services to individuals and couples struggling with life transitions and the stresses that go along with them.

At many points over the course of our lives, we encounter a change in circumstances that we don’t expect, don’t want, or don’t feel prepared to meet. Transitions are an inevitable part of being human, but that doesn’t make it easy to cope with them. Changes in circumstances change us – and in turn, change our relationships with others.

Life transitions can trigger profound emotional reactions in us and leave us feeling bereaved, out-of-control, anxious, and depressed. They can unearth past traumas and create conflict in our present-day relationships. They can also lead us to deeper self-knowledge and a greater sense of freedom and agency. I’d be honoured to help you navigate this period of change and growth in your life.

About Kate (She/Her)

I am a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. 

My particular focus as a therapist is on life transitions and transformative change. I’m interested in how we shift in our understanding of identity as we pass through different life stages, and how we can get stuck in old stories about who we are.

I also work with a limited number of couples who demonstrate mutual willingness to strengthen their relationship through meaningful communication and genuine emotional expression.


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